Julien Hennequart - Graphic design

Music connexion

Personal, 2015 Researches on how to visualise the categories, sub-categories and fusions within Electro and rock music.

VRT Toolkit

VRT, 2017 Overview of the VRT toolkit about the creation process of a radio or tv programme.

Mission(s) to Mars

Personal, 2016 Visualisation of all the attempted missions to Mars, from 1960 to 2007.

Original design:
Bryan Christie for IEEE Spectrum magasin (2009)

Who's buying what?

personal, 2013 MOOC exercise: A look at where people around the world are directing some of their purchasing power.

DeLijn Work Diagram

Namahn for DeLijn, 2013 Visualisation of the creation process for a DeLijn application by Namahn, Boondoggle and CatchUp.